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A Red Dust Heeler is committed to the inclusion of people with disability into all areas of life; building healing friendships & a connected community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the Red Dust Heelers become a national community, working together to drive disability inclusion and reconciliation on-the-ground.

Our athletes and programs, like Wheeling and Healing, and our Red Dust Heelers National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL) team, aim to empower people with disability to lead, mentor and inspire Aboriginal and other Australians with disability to:

  • participate in sport
  •  further their education
  •  gain employment
  •  achieve economic independence
  •  be valued, healthy and active members of their communities

Our programs are a key part of the Outback Academy’s charter to: ‘accelerate economic freedom, employment and well being’ with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia’ including people with disability.

Red Dust Heelers Wheelchair Basketball Team

The Red Dust Heelers entered a wheelchair basketball team into the National Wheelchair Basketball League for the 2014 season after merging with the Adelaide Thunder. The team is now known as the Red Dust Heelers Adelaide, and they have been able to use their presence in the National League to continue to spread awareness of disability and to support people with disability across Australia.


Red Dust Healing

The Red Dust Heelers are supported by Tom Powell and the Red Dust Healing team. Red Dust Healing is one of Australia’s most effective Aboriginal led healing programs. The program will examine current barriers to the well-being and participation of people with disability within communities and provide tools and information to address barriers wherever possible.

Red Dust Heelers ‘Wheeling and Healing’ Program

This program provides a powerful and interactive two days of disability awareness raising and community healing and engagement. The game of wheelchair basketball is used on:

Day One

For maximum engagement and its capacity to showcase the ability of people with disability;

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Day Two

Provides a customised Red Dust Healing and disability advocacy awareness workshop collaboratively delivered by Red Dust Healing, FPDN, the Red Dust Heelers and Red Dust Heelers team members.